Halfway through, WAOW Quintern reflects on experience so far

July 18, 2016 0 Comments

Milica waow

My name is Mimi Mitrovic and this summer I am involved with a Quinternship at WAOW, to be a news reporter. I am currently halfway finished with the Quinternship, and I have already gained so much experience and have learned a lot of new skills. The very first week of working here, I was asked to create a package for the station regarding the national guard. I have to say I was absolutely terrified, but with the help of others at the station, I got it done and it was aired.

I have tagged along on many stories with other reporters and have helped them edit their VOSOTS, and even have done some of my own. I’ve also done standups that I will be using to build my demo reel. I did struggle learning on how to use the editing system, but with practice and asking for help, I got it down in no time. I came into this Quinternship excited and a little scared, but everyone here is extremely helpful and friendly. I am looking forward to learning more and gaining more experience, throughout the summer. I know that this was a perfect opportunity for me, and it is going to be very beneficial for my future.

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