WAOW Quintern gains valuable experience with CMS

July 18, 2016 0 Comments


Haley WAOW

I am a marketing Quintern at Newsline 9 this summer, meaning I work with our web/social media presence and general promotions. Some of my responsibilities include: understanding and sharing analytics concerning our story page views; writing and editing web stories; utilizing iNews to post updates and breaking information as soon as possible; working with Social News Desk to manage our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ presences; editing promotional videos and advertisements; and all the while working intimately with QMI’s content management system Frankly. In addition, I get to be a part of the newsroom and feel welcome in meetings and discussions concerning story topics and station ongoings as a whole. I feel thankful to be privy to the behind-the-scenes workings of the station and to continuously gain a better understanding of everything that goes into a day in the news industry. There is a multitude of teamwork and careful integration here every day.

As someone who aspires to be a front-end web developer, I especially appreciate the opportunity to work closely with our content management system and to experience any bugs (and their solutions) first hand. Seeing what things do and do not work well from the client-side is immensely educational and inspires me to create even better websites one day. Furthermore, understanding our website’s analytics and seeing what visitors find the most engaging is helpful from both a content and design perspective. I have been able to witness firsthand the strength of visual assets and the importance of clarity in creating and displaying information.

I am deeply appreciative of how encouraging and helpful everyone has been so far in this experience. At barely 19 years old I feel overwhelmingly lucky to be learning so much in a hands-on manner and to have kind, non-judgmental mentors who truly want to see me grow. It is so important to be curious, humble, and willing to admit your mistakes – and my time at Newsline 9 thus far has reinforced all three of those traits.

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