Making the Sale: From Quintern to Full-time WPTA employee

June 23, 2017 0 Comments

When Kelsey Wendlandt was attending a marketing party she heard about the Quinternship program and was sold.

Kelsey Wendlandt

Kelsey Wendlandt

Kelsey has always loved talking and socializing with people, that is why she decided to use her persistence and persuasiveness to go into sales. While studying at Ball State University Kelsey heard about the Quinternship while attending a skin care marketing party hosted by Kim Hambrock. She chose it because she heard good things about Quincy Media and after she researched it thought it would be a good fit.

As a family owned company, Quincy Media helps people feel like a part of the family. Kelsey said when she first met the sales team at WPTA she immediately felt at home. She says everyone was welcoming and kind.

“My favorite moment of my Quinternship was when I set up my first meeting with a client and my sales team cheered for me and genuinely were happy for me,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey decided to stay with WPTA and join the sales team as a full-time employee because of how great the relationships are between team members and managers

“I love being able to stay in Fort Wayne since I have lived here most of my life,” Kelsey said.

 Kelsey says the Quinternsip program was a good experience.

“I loved being able to work side by side with account executives and get a taste of what I would be doing in the future.”

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