Social Media Quintern gives paid internship high marks

August 30, 2017 0 Comments

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my summer as a Corporate Digital Quintern for Quincy Media. The experience these past months has been very rewarding. Finding the internship was an exciting opportunity for me to gain hands on experience before I graduated and get paid while doing so! Many other students I know struggle to not only find an internship that fits their interest and/or field of study, but also one that pays.


After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from UW-La Crosse, I hope to pursue a future career working with companies and their social media practices to engage their consumers. Therefore this opportunity to begin working hands on with social media was a tremendously rewarding experience for me. I learned so much about various social media technologies and how to best utilize these in order to enhance a station’s social media presence.

Early on in my Quinternship, I was able to shadow newsroom personnel- from reporters, to producers, to photojournalists. This was an extremely interesting experience for me as I never understood how much team work goes into giving the public audience the news each day. Shadowing the newsroom was an important part of a summer long project I worked on. This allowed me to get an insight on the ‘news’ side of things and see how to incorporate this into observing Quincy Media station’s social media best practices.

Following my time in the newsroom I received guidelines for a project to work on and was given a lot of independence to do so. I had to learn to manage my time for a large project on a day to day basis and prioritize what needed to get done before moving on to the next step. The independence allowed for me to grow a lot as a young professional.

Everyone I met during this time either from Quincy or WKOW welcomed me right away with welcoming arms. People from all different departments would check in on me throughout the course of my Quinternship to ensure I was having a positive experience or because they were genuinely interested in what I was working on. Being surrounded by such supportive colleagues and working for a company that truly values their interns made the summer better than I could have imagined. The company morale was one of the best parts of this whole program.

The opportunities, skills, and relationships I gained from my Quinternship are priceless.

Annie Zavoral

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